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V2.0 July 31 ,2018

No Data Collection Of Personal information

This software application only require the wifi connection and do not connect to any server host neither in the local area network nor wide area network. The software application will assign a unique identification(ID) randomly generated at the initial launch or use of this application. Your personal information is provided by you if you update and make changes in the 'Settings'. The personal information is stored locally in your device and only accessible by you when using the application. No data are transmitted from the application software to any host server. The ID and your profile information will be used as an identification when connecting peer to peer with other users.

BUT, In the case of additional application feature added in the future version released, the usage of your public profile information may change in order to facilitate the added functionality. These changes will be put forth in this document for your perusal. Kindly check back from time to time to learn of the new changes.

Personal Information Used

Personal information will not be collected and submitted to any server. It is stored locally in your device and use only by you when making communication with other users. For example, the conduct of chat messaging, making an order , booking or purchasing a product or service from the connection peer.

The ID generated when first use of the app will be used and exchanged with your connection peer. This information is recorded and stored in the data layer and will not be displayed in the presentation layer. This ID is kept hidden as data recording and will not be reveal to the user including yourself. Other information that is visible to the user like name, photo can be changed by you anytime even immediately after your first use of this app.

The personal information provided may include your:

ID ( Randomly generated at first use )


Profile Photo

About Me

Short Introduction

When you make an order or purchase for the product or service , the additional information may include:

GPS Location (Not in any current release. May implement in future release)

Privacy Control Mode

The software application build in the privacy control mode that can be configured by you depending on the situation and your needs to manage your privacy adhoc.

The mode including the following controls:

Bystander Mode (may implement in future release)

To See And Be Seen (may implement in future release)

Block Contacts

Sharing Content (Public,Private or Not at all)

Sharing Location (may implement in future release)

Accepting Voice Call

These controls are explain clearly in the Settings section respectively. You are advice to go through all the settings before making any connection with other peers.

Disclosure of Personal Information

No data collection other than data store locally in your device, Your information is confine within you device. Therefore, we have no way to disclose any of these information to the third party.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify and change the Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be made available in the application under Settings —> Privacy Policy. You are advised to check this Policy from time to time so as to be aware of the most recent applicable version of the Policy.

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