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A cross platform peer to peer wifi communication app. No internet connection needed. It allows you to make voice call, send chat messages and publishing content like a personal web server. It also enable you to place order, make booking, consuming services from the service provider apps within the same wifi network.


"ho say oh", the way we say "hello" in Penang. This is the client app that when connected with the service provider apps, it can interact with the service provider to carry out ordering request, placing the booking, accessing content of the provider or registering for a queue. Come with anti-theft alarm feature for Android. 


Food & Beverage apps for service provider. The app allows you to publish food and beverage item menu, including item pricing. Order can be placed with hoSayoh client app when connected.


Muzium & Gallery app for service provider. The app allows you to publish exthibit items including photo gallery, descriptive text etc. It works like a personal web server and content is publsihed from your mobile device, Apple TV and Android TV.


A Queue management app fro service provider. A connected yitzme client can register themselve for the queue. Alert will be sent out to the client when ready. Queue sequence can be displayed on TV or projector via Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast.


Convert your Smart TV, Android TV Box, Tablet or Mobile Phone into a Table Calling System. Using HoSayoH app as call buttons to place call via wireless wifi or bluetooth.

Why IT?

Information technology has been making our live easier by the day, it is closing in our distance  and allowing us to reach out to one another like never before. With WhyIT apps, it is filling up the blind spot where internet coverage is not available. You can continue to communicate locally with the others that connected to the same wifi hotspot, to send chat messages, making voice call and sharing information. To replace the content serving from the internet website or online e-commerce application, WhyIT service provider apps allow you to continue serving the content and application from your mobile device. Imagine, putting a web server in your pocket everywhere you go. The usage is endless. You can refer to some usage ideas below or perhaps has other needs in mind, feel free to fill up the contact forms, we will continue to add more service provider apps from time to time.


The many use of WhyIT apps...

For NGOs, Doctors Without Borders and alike, that always travel to a remote area where mobile coverage is out of reach, you can put up a battery or solar powered wireless access point at a strategic location to provide coverage for the camp site. All the supporting staff and personel can then remain in contact using the YITzME app.

For Mobile Food Truck Operator and Hawker alike, by running a battery powered wireless AP, and set your SSID for easy reference. your customer using the HoSayOh app (code name yitzme) can connect and refer to the menu you publish to make order without having to stand in the queue.

For F&B outlet and Restaurant Owner, adding a wireless AP in the premises allow your customer to browse the food item menu published from your mobile device and they can place order directly using the YITzF&B app. No internet connection is required for routing to the internet. It saves you the cost from the broadband and staff cost just to take order.

For Hotelier and Budget Hotel Operator, If you do not have PABX or Keyphones system available to every room. Cover your building with wiress access point will extend the Voice Call and Chat Messages to every room.

For Public Service and Banking Institution, add a wireless AP and run the YitzQUE app will allow your client to register for the waitting queue. Their queue status can be viewed from the Smart TV. They will also be alerted for their turns from thier mobile device.  

And the list goes on...

Fill up the contact form below if you like to have some feature added to the apps. We will do our best to fulfill as much as possible.

Table Calling System

Convert your Smart TV, Android TV Box, Tablet or Mobile Phone into a Table Calling System. Using HoSayoH app as call buttons to place call via wireless wifi or bluetooth

Restaurant Waiter Calling

With peer to peer comunication, customer can call for waiter through mobile to mobile paging via wifi connection. No special hardware or call button required.

Menu Publishing & Ordering

Publish your food item menu and taking order online in the wifi environment, no internet connection require. Customer can use the hoSayoh app to browse and place order directly.

Convert Hawker Centre Into Modern Food Court

Food provider at food court can publish food menu and receive order directly from hoSayoh app. The paging feature allow the provider to send notification to the customer when the order is ready. No special hardware is required.

F&B Movie

Watch the explainer video for yitzfnb app.

hoSayoh Movie

Watch the explainer video for hoSayoh app.

0G Voice Call

Using hoSayoh to create communication netwotk purely on wifi in the remote area, where 3G/4G network is out of reach.

Anti-Theft Alarm

You can turn your mobile into an anti-theft alarm. Available only on Android phone in earlier released.









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